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I live in an old house and my bathroom was finally giving out on me. I hired a contractor to remodel my bathroom. Hopefully my kitchen will be next on the list! The contractor showed me different options for the shower door but I didn’t like the quality or the prices of the ones he was showing me. I decided to look around to see if I could get a good quality shower door for a reasonable price. I know, that sounds impossible especially these days, getting something of good quality and not paying an arm or leg for it. I almost gave up my search but then I came across ACE glass on yelp.

I called them and spoke with Ali. He came out and gave me an estimate and it was cheaper than what my contractor was quoting me and all the other glass shops in the area! I placed the order and a week later, Carlos and another guy came out and installed the shower door. It looks great and fits perfectly with my new remodeled bathroom!! My contractor could not believe I got a really nice shower door for a reasonable price. Thank you Ace!